At Ecolux we aim to provide unforgettable accommodation to all our visitors. We have teamed up with some of the best touring companies in Mozambique to provide unforgettable experiences to our visitors. From Cultural Tours, Birding Art and everything in between. 

We strive to provide our Guests with the best possible packages for them to enjoy their stay in Mozambique to the fullest while making a lifetime of memories. 

Maputo City Tour with Lunch in Katembe

The tour begins in the historic Baixa and follows the development of this now major African city. Before European settlement, this marshy area was avoided by native Africans until land reclamation encouraged the city’s growth. The tour explains the need for what appears to be a tiny fort, the importance of the majestic CFM train station in the industrial era, and the sparkling last few decades of colonialism highlighted by stunning art-deco architecture throughout the city. Museums, parks, and souvenirs are dotted throughout this informative morning. Just before midday, we drive over the magnificent bridge to enjoy lunch in Katembe where we enjoy a seafood lunch with beautiful views across the bay to Maputo city.

Includes: Lunch, guide, tolls, transfers Macaneta/Maputo/Macaneta

When: Daily 09h00 until 15h00

Duration: full day

Languages: English & Portuguese

Cost: from $170 per person minimum 2 person

maputo Tours with Ecolux Boutique Hotels


Macaneta is set to become a regional birding hotspot as ornithologists and environmental experts have identified a significant number of rare bird species in the area. There has been a great deal of excitement when the first sightings of the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper were recorded – this a first on the African continent. Macaneta is also the most northerly location where the endangered Cape Cormorants have been seen.

Expert birder and Senior Adviser to the CEO of BirdLife International, Gary Allport said that the ongoing discovery of Macaneta’s diversity promises an incredible experience for uninitiated and expert birders. “There is a spectacular number of migrant wetland birds to be found along with the endemic birds of the diverse coastal forest. Macaneta offers a unique experience for bird watchers of all interests and abilities.”

A total of 291 bird species have been identified in the area and is second only to the number of bird species found in Gorongosa National Park. Experts say that Macaneta offers a unique biodiversity with many interesting habitats in a relatively small area. Its beach, mangroves, estuary, tidal marshes, dune forest and grasslands are known to respond in different ways throughout the year reacting to rainfall, the tides and the sun.

Includes: Experienced guide, lunch, drinks, transfers Macaneta/Maputo/Macaneta

When: Daily from 9h00

Duration: half day / full day

Languages: English & Portuguese

Cost: from $220 per person minimum 2 person

Birdwatching with Ecolux Boutique Hotel

Day Trip to Inchaca

Inhaca Island is a subtropical island off the East African coast and remains typically rural despite its proximity to Maputo City. This tour includes a trip by speed boat to three points of interest and includes a visit and snorkelling at Santa Maria, lunch at Inhaca village and an afternoon at Portuguese island beach, and a Jeep safari around the Island to visit the Island’s lighthouse and it’s breathtaking views.                  

Includes: Guide, National Reserve Entrance Fee, lunch (Seafood), drinks, tolls gates, transfers Macaneta/Maputo/Macaneta

When: Weekends 07h00 to 18h00

Duration: full day

Languages: English & Portuguese

Cost: from $250 per person minimum 2 person

Art & Batik

Batik is a type of resist printing process in which wax is applied to the fabric in specific areas, this painting it’s a perfect piece for wall decor. During this series of lessons you learn how to produce this unique African artwork.

Includes: Professional guide, lunch, drinks, tolls, transfers Macaneta/Maputo/Macaneta

When: Daily From 09h00

Duration:  Half day

Languages: English & Portuguese

Cost: from $240 per person minimum 2 person

Batik Tours with Ecolux Hotel in Mozambique

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing, also referred to as big game or offshore fishing, is done far away from the shore in waters that are at least 100 feet deep. If you go, you’ll be able to set sail and enjoy a day out on the Atlantic ocean while pushing your fishing skills beyond their previous limit.

Includes: All fishing material.


When: Daily 06h00 to 17h00

Duration: full day

Languages: English & Portuguese

Cost: from $1300 per person max 6 person

Deep Sea Fishing with Ecolux Boutique Hotel Macaneta

2 Day Kruger Park Tour

Tours Maputo offers a Kruger experience of the highest quality. Clients are picked up and taken in air-conditioned comfort to the Kruger Park gate. Our driver assists travellers with the border procedures. Once at the Kruger Gate travellers change to the unique open-backed safari vehicle and the experienced and accredited nature guide takes guests on an unforgettable and educational experience with sightings of the Big Five frequent in this populated area of the park. In the evening travellers will recharge their energy at our famed accommodation partner before an early start the following morning. At the end of the 2nd day we bring travellers safely back to the wonderful Macaneta beach after a truly exhilarating experience.


Includes: Guide, All meals, Kruger Park Conservation fee, Professional Guide, transfers Macaneta/Kruger/Macaneta

When: Daily from 5h20

Duration: 2-Days

Languages: English & Portuguese

Cost: from $495 per person minimum 2 person

2 Day eSwantini Tour

The vast tapestry of African cultures is highlighted within one hour we are transported from metropolitan Maputo to colourful eSwatini. Swaziland, one of Africa’s last “official” monarchies, a small country; two main valleys between mountain ranges. In one valley a unique, colourful culture emerged, and we will see vividly during our one day trip. The trip includes stops at the Mantenga Cultural Village where a lively Siswati dance, complete with booming drums will resonate with you long after your day trip ends. Despite the busy schedule there is a moment of peace and inner reflection at the Mantenga Waterfall. Lunch is enjoyed at the historic Malandela homestead with the neighbouring House on Fire showing that eSwatini’s unique identity is still growing and developing. The final stop on the tour is at the famous Swaziland Candle Factory which has now morphed into a hub of craft & arts.


Includes: Guide, all meals, accommodation in Mlilwane National Park, all reserve fees, tolls, transfers

When: Daily from 5h30

Duration: 2-Days

Languages: English & Portuguese

Cost: from $465 per person minimum 2 person

Maputo National Park

Maputo National Park

 Description: Our safari starts early morning at dawn crossing the new magnificent Maputo-Katembe bridge with the Maputo Elephant Reserve – as it used to be known – only 75kms away.

The Maputo National Park has been transformed over the last ten years into an unmissable Maputo attraction. Now boasting a growing population of elephants in this unique beachside setting, the park also has giraffes, hippopotamus, buffalos, gnus, crocodiles, zebras, monkeys and an ever-growing array of deer species.


Includes:  Guide, All toll gates, Entry/Admission – at the Park

When: Daily from 5h30

Duration: Half day

Languages: English & Portuguese

Cost: from $320 per person minimum 2 person

Maputo National Park Tours with Ecolux Boutique Hotel Mozambique